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      Wanda Commercial Management Group is national leading hotel management brand.Wanda’s hotel portfolio includes the ultra-luxury hotel brand Wanda Reign, the luxury hotel brand Wanda Vista, the premium hotel brand Wanda Realm, the boutique hotel brand Wanda Jin, and the ultra-midrange hotel brand Wanda Moments . There are now 71 Wanda Owned and Operated hotels.

      • National Representative Hotel
      • National Branch of Superior Hotel
      National Representative Hotel

      Beijing—Wanda Vista Beijing

      Located in the heart of Beijing's central business district, the hotel has 419 rooms.

      Shanghai—Wanda Reign on the Bund

      Located on the bund of Shanghai, the hotel has 193 rooms.

      Guizhou—Wanda Jin Danzhai

      Located in wanda town, dazhai county, guizhou province, the hotel has 95 rooms.

      Hubei—Wanda Realm Wuhan

      Located in the central cultural district of wuhan, the hotel has 408 rooms.